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Ready For Sugimoto's Hot and Sweaty Workout?
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 years ago

Umemaro are the gods when it comes to 3D hentai, and with their latest work, Sexy Trainer Shoko Sugimoto, that statement is still ever so true.


Sexy Trainer Shoko Sugimoto is the 16 Vol of Umemaro 3D Mini Movie Collection. The video starts in a gym where our big breasted and sexily tanned instructor, Shoko Sugimoto, oversees everyone’s workout efforts. Looking at Sugimoto’s hot ass body everyday would truly take a toll on any mans sex's drive, but the guys aren’t the only one getting all hot and bothered. Sugimoto decides that the best way to help everyone with their workout is with some physical training. With some sexy solo and group scenes, this video is 30 minutes of pure sexiness. You get your vaginal, anal, DP, blowjob, boobjob, and footjob scenes. With a gym like this, all us fat and skinny losers would finally step out of the house and actually start doing some physical activities.


Umemaro seems to improve with every new release, which they should. The crisp animation, to the sweat that her covering Sugimoto’s body, to even the thickness of the cum, (no homo) is a step up from their previous work.


So if you’re ready to feel the burn, lose some pounds, and gain some aching muscles in the morning, pop on over to Hentai0 and enjoy yourself some goodness. And if your still aching for some more punishment, we also have other .


Wait a fucking minute! I just notice that Shoko Sugimoto is the same Sugimoto from Umemaro’s Dr. Sugimoto?! Man that woman sure gets around.

So, do you love Umemaro 3D? Do you think there's someone who does 3D hentai better? Do you love a girl with a tan? Tell us in the comments below.