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An Interview with Bard-bot
By Kasaix • 3 months ago • 3 comments

Kasaix: Hello Doujin Army! I’m hanging out with another great artist, the one and only Bard-bot! I’ve been following him for quite some time, and I’m glad to be able to chat with him. Before I get carried away again and go through the usual questions, you’re working on a change to your usual handle. Right now you’re using Bard-bot. What’s going to be your new name, and why are you changing the old name?

BardoPlus: Hello Kasaix, thanks for the invitation. I quite like the name bard-bot, although some sites doesn't seem to like it, and honestly i don't blame them, by any standard i'm basically a porn bot at this point, lol. So i've decided to change to BardoPlus, since most of the people who know me, and new acquaintances call me by that name. The "plus" is a neat little symbol that i like a lot.

Kasaix: Well, I’m glad you have a plan to get around your naming issue. I like Bard-bot, but BardoPlus works too. 

With that said, let’s get to the interview. Could you tell me how you first got into art?

BardoPlus: Into art in general? as far as i remember i've always liked art, in many forms, but notoriously in sculpting. Most of my time i spent doing little figurines of clay, and with time i challenge myself to make them as little as i could. The tiniest i remember was a little super saiyan goku the size of a marble, fully rendered BTW, with all its details.

I started doing hentai, because a friend told me i could draw sexy characters, as a joke. I took that joke personally.

Kasaix: Your hentai work started out as a joke? That is fascinating. 

Did you take art classes, or are you a self-taught artist?

BardoPlus: I took classes, 3D animation to be precise, so maybe someday i could expand my hentai real onto the third dimension!!   Though i'm not really THAT good at it, and i lost some practice since then.

Now most of my focus go into 2D animation, which i learned a lot of cool tips and tricks at school. I was already self taught in the art of animation, and i did quite a bit of them when i was younger, mainly inspired by anime (how would of thought)  they were, kinda basic and cringy, but still think they ended up really well, considering i did them on window movie maker and paint.

Kasaix: I’d love to see some 3D hentai from you. I think it’d be great.

What are your favorite characters and themes to draw?

BardoPlus: I really like the ones that are more cartoon based feel to them, like the girls from skullgirls, or any character that has that blend of anime and cartoon. That’s why i mostly pick characters based on their character design and not so much by their backstory.

And i also love to draw anything that shows the booty

Kasaix: You are truly a man of culture. 

Do you have any original characters?

BardoPlus: Yes i do have a couple of them

I don't usually use them as much as  i'd like to though- I get easily distracted by other characters in the media.

Kasaix: Nice. Do you have backstories set up for them?

BardoPlus: Yes! and later down the line i plan to do comics with them expanding a little more of the environment and backstories for them.

Kasaix: Nice, you’re creating your own universe. 

Where do you get the inspiration for all your projects? 

BardoPlus: Mainly on other artist's art. Twitter and Newgrounds have help me find quite a lot of them  that have amazing content and ideas, guys like Gloss, Don, dreamin', gashi-gashi, Colo, Brekits, Elsevilla, Endling among  many, many others, as well as artist from japan, have help me get inspired and motivated to create new things and keep experimenting.

I also like to hear the ideas of people who follow me, and the amazing people on my patreon. I basically recollect a lot of visual and conceptual ideas from many sources, and i dedicate a good part of my week in recollect information.

Kasaix: Interesting. I’m glad you have such supportive fans.

How long does it typically take you to finish an art project?

BardoPlus: An animation loop, is taking me now, between a week and week and a half, on wish the majority of the time i spend it polishing it and fixing errors. And also struggling with the idea of doing lineart, which is the worst part of any drawing IMO

Kasaix: Oh cool, I like animation loops. I can’t wait to see it. 

What do you feel is your best picture yet, and why?

BardoPlus: To me, this one is still the best

Mostly because it encapsulates the thing i like the most: simple character design, fun joyful animation,  and booty

I think it all came together really well. Thanks Akairiot for this lovely character: Kelda.

BUT! if i can have a second pick, i'd say this one, for the sheer amount of chaos in the animation

Kasaix: I love them both, but especially the first one. The animation is beautiful, and it has a mythic feeling about it. Very well done.

Is there a project you'd really like to work on in the future?

BardoPlus: Yup. I've been wanting to make longer animations with voice acting and sound effect, the whole deal, and i've been cooking up ideas for it.

These two will be the first characters i'll use for that.  And i'm hyped to see how this will turn out.

Kasaix: That looks great. I look forward to seeing how it.

What setup do you use to draw?

BardoPlus: A wacom intuos and Clip studio paint EX for drawing and animating. Simple stuffs really.

Kasaix: Nice setup. 

Let’s wrap it up here for now. Do you have any final words to all your fans?

BardoPlus: K-keep, keep praising the booty son,  bless.

Engrave that in my grave

I’d like to thank BardoPlus again for taking the time to hang out. If you’d like to follow more of his work, check out the sites below:

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