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An Interview with Diives: Animator of Cute Girls
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 3 comments

Kasaix: Ladies and gentlemen of, allow me to introduce you to a truly talented animator and artist known as Diives, whom I previously mentioned in a top ten artists to support on patreon article. I can’t recall when I first came upon their work, but it immediately hooked me. The girls have this fluid movement, and they’re super cute. Mostly Pokemon girls, they’re known to either be lewd girls who offer to be caught in the same way as in Pokemon Go or a cute Mawile girl named Gaghiel.

Enough with the introductions, and on to the interview! Thank you very much for hanging out, Diives. How are you doing?

Diives: Hello Kasaix, I'm okay, thanks so much for this interview, I hope you've been well too!

Kasaix: I'm quite well, thank you for asking. So tell me, how did you first get into art and animation?

Diives: Well, I always drew in school and things, as many other kids, but my real dream was learn animation. I went to an animation school here in Chile. The first 2 years they taught me 2D animation and I fell in love with it.

Kasaix: That's quite inspiring, you had a dream and ran for it, and it clearly worked out for you. Was there anything in particular that drew your attention to art? A TV show or comic?

Diives: Mostly all those old cartoons we all watched on tv: Dragon Ball, Looney Toons, even that old tv show of Sonic the Hedgehog who at the end of each episode he taught you something for life.
But more than animation, I've been always trying to create stories and characters that people would like to see and hear, in other words, a tv show.
However making a tv show or comics or anything length, is too much work for a single person, so I need take my time with that.
For now everything I can do is animate and try to make things for people that will enjoy, at least that's the other thing I love too.

Kasaix: That's nice. I hope you can go that extra mile and get people together to help animate a TV show or work on a comic. You certainly have the talent to attract people to your efforts.

Who is your favorite character to draw? If you're like me and can't choose just one favorite girl, a top five would work.


Diives: Well, I do like draw many characters, but my favorite one will be always Gaghiel, or how I call her, Gaghs

Kasaix: The cute Mawile girl! She's adorable. Could you tell us about her? Who she is, and what she's like?

Diives: Gaghs is a representation of someone I love, I prefer people to guess who could be instead me telling who really is.
Many things I draw of her (clothes, actions, comics, even her personality) is something that person does, wears, eats, etc.
Gaghs is just a cute Mawile who has been mutating with time, even many people don’t recognize her as a Mawile.
I think if I gotta do something legal, official with her someday in my life, I would totally change her shape as Mawile, but I'd keep many physical features, like her hair, height, colors, etc.

Kasaix: Okay, she just became even more adorable. It’s sweet how you based Gaghs on someone you love.

What is your favorite piece of art? Something you would show off to give someone an idea of who you are as an artist?

Diives: Mmmm.. I'm really negative when I talk about my art.. however my most favorite pieces are those ones where Gaghs is the main character, those are the ones I'd show to someone new.
It's hard for me choose something specific because every piece has something special and different, things I like and hate.
Also art is always improving and evolving, If I have something favorite one day, for sure it won't be the next day.

Kasaix: Well, you’re a true artist all right. Artists can be their own worst critics.

What is your thought process when tackling a new art project?



Diives: It's pretty basic .
Sometimes I see something I like and say "man I gotta do something like that"
Sometimes I say; "Man I gotta do something for people I haven't done something in days"

And I'm always worrying about my old projects that I can't resume because I have a problem with that, I don't really know what hell is but I'd love resume them all at once.

Kasaix: As a writer, I know that feeling. I’ve started and have never completed numerous stories. There’s always that regret about not finishing those projects.

You said you always wanted to work on a TV show or comic, perhaps starring Gaghs. Do you have any idea of what it might be like?

Diives: I have A LOT of ideas for a tv show, video game, or anything animated with a story behind it.

When I was a child I was always making comics about my characters, they were pretty basic, similar to DBZ hahaha but I was always doing that, I rarely did other things.
Same thing in school I was always drawing comics and thinking how my story can be better in the next episode.

After animation school I could finally make those stories come to life, so I made funny animations and parodies (I was in love with Egoraptor’s work so I tried to make the same thing).

Before working as a freelancer I worked in a video game company here in Chile.
We made a video game with Sony and they chose my idea for a new game.
I created the story and worked as animation director in that project.

And now, if you ask me, yeah I keep thinking of new stories and episodes where my characters have adventures and fights. They are incredible, however I haven't shared many of my characters.

That's where Gaghs enter and she is kinda an OC, even if she is a custom Mawile, she is someone that ppl can recognize from me.

I have many stuffs of her and her friends for a story, however, the only thing I can do atm is making short comics and small animations of that, even as a freelancer I don't have much time to work in those stuffs, my schedule is a mess.

Kasaix: That’s simply amazing. You have quite the impressive resume right there. Given your background, I can safely say you’ll definitely achieve your goals.

Let’s wrap things up, I don’t want to take up too much of your time. Do you have any parting words for your fans?

Diives: Thanks to them I wake up everyday and make my brain work hahaha
People has been supporting me in many ways since I started with this online job, and has been incredible
I love when they tell me things about my animations, and I like when they share my job, is an incredible feeling knowing there is people who admires you for making things they wanna see

I'd love to have time and extra hands to make everything they ask me to do, but I try my best and I'll be always working to make their day a bit better, just watching a loop animation, comic, drawing, or video.

Thanks to everyone, it has been amazing, and I hope I can keep making things that everyone loves for a loooooong time.

Another huge thanks to Diives for hanging out. If you’d like to follow their work, links are available right here.






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