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Bleach May Be Out In Stores, But The Anime Is Back!
By WakeUpSnooze • 5 months ago

Well, well, well. Bleach may be impossible to find in your local stores these days thanks to the coronavirus (seriously, I won’t be able to use bleach in my laundry anymore if this thing goes on for much longer), but the Bleach anime on the other hand is about to be available around the world again for the first time since 2012. Recently it has been announced that the anime will be making a grand return in 2021 to cover the Thousand-Year Blood War arc which adapts chapters 480-686. A one-shot side series from Tite Kubo titled Burn The Witch that takes place in the same world as Bleach but focuses on a different cast of characters has also been announced for fall this year. This sides series instead follows Ninii and Noel, two witches who work for the Soul Society.

And may I add, that shit is looking clean as fuck.

My hype levels are around mid-to-high right about now. You see, while I did watch the fuck out of Bleach when it was airing, I stopped at the Aizen arc and never looked back. He was my boy. But there were still times where I felt regret as my friends who did read the manga would say “Nah, that shit was just okay. The Thousand Year Blood War? That’s where the real shit is at”. Since I don’t typically consume manga I ended up deciding it was simply a loss I was willing to take. Oh but now? Now things have changed. You best believe I’m gonna be ready to start watching the continuation the day the first episode airs baby, and Mr. Obvious better be right there with me ready to cream his pants. And really I’m not sure what to be excited about. People have a wide array of opinions on Bleach ranging from “god awful generic boring, average whatever, to hypest shit of the big three EZ”. However, what almost everyone agrees on is that Bleach has some of the best openings to grace anime of all time. Yes bitch. I’m talking Opening 1, Opening 2, Opening 7, the godlike Opening 13, man the vast majority of these things are still classics to this day. I’m crossing my fingers, dick, and everything else that the new arc will continue the legacy and bring us another classic to add to the playlist. Dammit I’m listening to the openings as I type this because I couldn’t resist after talking about them.

You better believe this used to be my wallpaper in high school.

Are you excited to see Bleach come back? Do you remember the Bleach openings? Release your bankai in the comments below!