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Bullet Girls Phantasia’s Interrogation System Gets Real Touchy
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 years ago


Japan always surprise me when it comes to the things they can put into their games and it still not be considered porn by video game standards. With a more deeper look into Bullet Girls Phantasia interrogation system, the line between porn and gameplay has been tested yet again.


Bullet Girl Phantasia is a hack-and-slash gunslinging action game about a group of girls who are apart of a local high school gun club, that has been magically transported to a strange land run by orcs and an evil dragon. With the help of the girls modern day weaponry, they fight to save the medieval kingdom from the evil threats or die trying...are maybe just get a little lewd trying.


D3 Publisher has release a gameplay trailer showcasing the interrogation system in play. Players uses different type of tools and techniques such as waterguns, groping, tentacles, and vibrators to pleasure the interrogated into telling you what you need to know. You can view such a thing here:

The game will be release in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on August 9, with a subtitled English release for South Asia.

Will you be getting this game? Do you think Japan pushes the lewd video game boundaries? What method of interrogation would you use? Tell us in the comments below.