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Cuphead is the Latest Game to Get an Unexpected Nude Mod
By Kasaix • 2 years ago • 8 comments

We here at have covered nude mods before. From Dead or Alive 5's nude mod, to Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2's wardrobe compromised ladies, and Tekken 7's ladies of the fight. So it only made sense (maybe) that we would cover the nude mod for Cuphead, a homage to a bygone era of cartoons and difficult gaming.

What could make a hard game already more difficult? Stripping the frightful mermaid Cala Maria of her bikini top and fish body. The mad geniuses at Undertow Club have brought us a nude mod that no one expected, but we'll take anyway. Click to see the previews and click to go to the download site. For now, here's the fish waifu that might give Shantae's Giga Mermaid a run for her giant busty money.

























So as to show you fine people of why a Cala Maria mod is great, here are some great points to take into consideration:
























































































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