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Do You Wish More Brothels Were Legal?
By ImJustThatKinky • 5 months ago

I’m a virgin guys! I know right? The cool as fuck Kinky is a virgin!? I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. I’m 23 now and still a virgin, and it sucks. Before I die from the corona, I want to at least have sex with someone, is that too much to ask for? Well, this would be an easy thing to fix if only there were more legal brothels around.

I got this idea after watching Interspecies Reviewers. Seeing the gang go to all these different brothels without a care in the world made me so mad that I couldn’t do the same. Some places in America have legal brothels, but they’re so few and far inbetween. Most places consider it prostituiton, so it’s seen as illegal in most states. But fuck, if it’s the girl choice to want to use her body to get paid, let her do it. Brothels are a godsend for virgins like me.

See, she wanted to do it.

So if you don’t want the risk of going to jail, Tinder prositution and Backpage might not be a good option. The thing about legal brothels is that they're not everywhere, and they’re usually expensive as hell. Well actually, depending. It seems like a lot of brothels work on a negotiation system. The girls get to decide the rates depending on what you want, and for how long. You guys think any of the girls will give me a virgin discount?

So as you may have figured out from this article, there are no brothels where I live. The thing is, if more brothels were legal and made, I feel like they wouldn’t be as expensive as they are now. But I guess if I ever go to one, my wallet will be shit out of luck. Me and Snooze were planning to go to EVO which is in LA. And you know what LA has? BROTHELS! Once I win EVO 2020, I’ll use my cash prize to finally lose my virginity! 

Man, all the girls I can fuck with this much moeny.

Do you wish there were more legal brothels? Would you go to a brothel? How much would you spend at a brothel? Tell us in the comments.