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Fire Force Brings the Heat
By ImJustThatKinky • 11 months ago

I’m really enjoying Fire Force at the moment. By the creator of Soul Eater, you can expect some great fight scenes, wacky characters, and even wacky hot girls. Soul Eater had its fair share of hot waifus, and Fire Force is no exception. We already have three contenders for best waifus, so how about we introduce them and see what we’re working with.


The mother of the group. She’s pretty calm headed and sweet. But, we’re mostly thinking of what makes her hot, right? Well, she has beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. Unlike the others, her outfit resembles that of a nun’s garment instead of a firefighter’s uniform. And that’s something that makes her hot. That sweet and reserved, nun aesthetic. That’ll make any weeaboo want to defile her.

Maki Oze

Bae, bae, bae! Can I say it anymore than that? Maki is already total bae for me. She has a burly and muscular body, while still having a girly and cutie personality. The muscles are what makes her who she is, and what makes her a fetish source for all the tomboy lovers out there. With all that combined, I believe she’s the one you’re going to see lewd art of the most.

Tamaki Kotasu

And if you’ve been missing out on your tsundere aesthetic, then look no farther than Tamaki. She has the fiery eyes and twin tails that just scream tsundere. She’s also like Iris and wears her uniform different than the others. She wears hers firefighter jacket open showing off her sexy white skin and black bra, which makes her the perfect device for that good old FANSERVICE!

I’m wondering if this show will be like My Hero Academia and get drowned in I truly hope so. I would love to see these girls in some sexy ass stories. But for right now, all I can do is enjoy some lewd artwork.

Who is your favorite waifu in Fire Force? Do you think a lot of will come from Fire Force? Is Maki best bae? Tell us in the comments.