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Funimation Lies About the Uncensored Version of Tsugumomo
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 11 comments


I watched a good bit of Tsugumomo when it aired and I enjoyed the episodes that I viewed. It had a good sense of humor, some pretty cool action scenes, and a variety of waifus to choose from, big and small. I personally liked the tall woman with big boobs, and a stone-cooled expression, but that’s just me. But for all you westerners who love their loli goodness and bought the Funimation Tsugumomo BD so you could see them in their full uncensored glory. Well, disappointment strikes when you find out that Funimation was kind of lying when they said that it was “uncensored”. Funimation actually came out with a statement on this matter:

“Funimation’s normal process is to utilize uncensored materials when available to produce a home video release. If uncensored materials are not available, we utilize the TV broadcast version. This was the case with the “Tsugumomo The Complete Series” BD/DVD Combo which utilizes a combination of uncensored and TV broadcast materials based on what was available from the licensor during home video production.”


Now it’s not like uncensored shots of the characters younger form was not available, but it seem like Funimation never “got them”. This could easily be Funimation thinking that showing younger looking characters chest is gross and creepy so they took them out, or it could be Japan knowing how soft and whiny America is about some of this stuff so they decided not to send some uncensored cuts to Funimation. I feel as if it’s more of Funimation pushing some agenda since they’ve done this before with some of their other titles. Anyways, who is buying the Tsugumomo BD not knowing what they're getting themselves into? But for everyone who wanted to see the uncensored version of the shots, you can enjoy them below.

Now come on Funimation, why is this censored in the BDs. Did I miss an episode where it's revealed that she's actually 12 or something?


Do you think this was a smart move by Funimation? So we let the loli's tits free? Do you think America overreact about lolis in anime? Tell us in the comments below.

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