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HuniePop 2 is Transforming in a BAD Way
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 64 comments

HuniePop isn’t really my thing, even with how popular it is. It has a real nice dating/visual novel aspect to it with good english voice acting and “sex scenes”. I put quotes around sex scenes because when I found out that the sex scenes were pretty much you playing Bejeweled while listening to the girl moan until you reach that one sexy picture of her I was complete disappointed. Let’s just say my dick shrunk 3 sizes that day. But, if I didn’t care for HuniePop before, I surely don’t care about them after hearing what they did to a certain character in HuniePop 2.

The character in question is Polly Bendleson, a transgender woman who is still holding on to her package (and I’m not talking Amazon).

Many people didn’t like the fact that Polly was a trans women who still had her penis intact. This made many people cry out and complain about this character choice. After hearing the complaints, HunieDev released a statement talking about the issue:

This statement and HunieDev’s decision is completely fucked in my opinion and kind of shit on the trans community. I’m sorry that you don’t like chicks with dicks (I know I do) but giving the player a choice to change a characters gender sounds pretty damn bad don’t you think? “Oh also, I’m not into white girls, so is it okay if I turn Polly black?”, what the fuck! What if I’m a girl playing HuniePop and I wanted all the girls to have dicks? Or better yet, make them all guys? That wouldn’t happen because no one cares or is crying out for that because it’s not a big deal, so why is this such a big problem? Doing something like this just seem so dumb and close minded, just stick to your guns and keep it in there with no changes. If anything, just give people the choice to skip her if they must but giving the player the choice to change an already existing character and only that character to their liking is pretty fucked.

...I made an edit here but deleted it because...I learned that no matter how much facts or reasoning I give people when it's in text they'll easily just gloss over it and miss my whole point. So it's like whatever, if I can actually debate then it's no reason to try and have a talk with people.

Do you guys think this is a bad move? Do you want Polly to have a vagina? Do you like HuniePop? Tell us in the comments below.

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