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Ikumi Nakamura is E3's Best Girl
By Yung Namahage • 1 year ago

It's that time of year when companies put on increasingly elaborate shows to appease shareholders and convince the public to spend money on products that'll end up drastically different to what we were promised, only to apologise next year and repeat the cycle. Of course, I'm talking about E3.

Bethesda were one of the first companies to show off their goods, and due to their... notorious reputation it's safe to say people weren't expecting much. Apologies for Fallout 76, DLC for Rage 2 and of course more footage for Doom Eternal were predictably shown, but one segment that stood out was that of Tango Gameworks, beginning with studio head and legendary creator Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil 1 & 4God HandThe Evil Within) coming on to introduce his next project and switching to Ikumi Nakamura, director of the new game.

Ikumi's previous work includes concept art for The Evil WithinBayonettaOkami and Netflix's 2017 adaptation of Blame!, so the upcoming game would have a lot to live up to considering her and Mikami's past credits. And it certainly looks promising; GhostWire: Tokyo is a horror set in modern day Japan, where people are mysteriously disappearing and paranormal beings roam the streets. It looks aesthetic as FUCK so count me down as interested.

Despite looking cool as all hell, Ghostwire wasn't even the most memorable thing that Tango, or even Bethesda, brought on stage. That would be Ikumi herself.

 Image result for ikumi nakamura

Just look at her! Not only is she talented, she's downright adorable. Her excitable stage presence and cute accent (surbibar holla) made her an overnight internet sensation. Unlike most of the rehearsed shills coming onto stage with the same shit every year, she genuinely looked happy to be there and show off her first personal project. Social media is abuzz with appreciation posts and fanart of her, and it's nice that she seems happy because of it.

But with internet fame comes a price. That's right, Rule 34 rears its lecherous head once again. I won't be going into too much detail this time since I believe lewding a real person without their knowledge or consent is honestly pretty creepy and I don't want to ruin her wholesome aura, but trust me, it exists. I kind of hope she never finds out someone drew her getting fucked by Todd Howard like she was the Fallout fanbase.

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Have you been keeping up with E3 this year? What's caught your eye so far? What do you think of GhostWire: Tokyo's reveal? Drop your thoughts in the comments!