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Never Let The Dream Die With Bowsette Cosplay and Petition
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago

If Bowsette’s not going anywhere anytime soon then, these article aren’t leaving anytime soon. I’ll milk her for all she’s worth, just like how I’d milk her deliciously huge tits. I’ve shown off fanart of Bowsette, fanart Booette, and fanart of other ettes, so what haven’t I’ve done? Well, I haven’t shown off some Bowsette how about I do that for today shall we.

And let’s not forget the best Bowsette cosplay.

9. Momokun

Bowsette is growing more and more by the day, so that’s why people found that it was time to start a petition to make her official.

Now I’m pretty sure that this isn’t going to make Nintendo put her in any of their games, but we could always hope. At the very least they could put a little small easter egg in either the new Mario game that coming out or the new Smash Bros. But if they do decide to put her in any of their games we need to hurry and decide which one should be canon, dark skin, redhead Bowsette or light skin, blonde hair Bowsette? But that’s an article for...tomorrow O.O.

Which is your favorite Bowsette cosplay? Is Nintendo going to put Bowsette in anything? Are you ready for this meme to die? Tell us in the comments below.