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Studio Fow Another Victim of Patreon
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 16 comments

Another great NSFW creator has been taken off of Patreon and that’s Studio FOW, creator of the popular SFM series the Kunoichi trilogy...or supposed trilogy. Now that Studio FOW has been taken off of Patreon there’s no telling what will happen to Kunoichi 3 or their other movie Project Snow, which were both said to be 80% done. Studio FOW’s Tumblr has also been stagnant as of recent, with their last message being two months ago:

Hi everyone!

I know I haven’t been super chatty - but like everyone, I have a home life too! (Hey, I don’t like it either!)

Some things have been changing (not great things) in my real life which has led to a minor shortage of Fowchan-ing.

Fear not, because I still love you all. :3

Also - We have some amazing stuff in the works. Ya’ll are gunna be freakin amazed. 

Keep supporting us! Google us to find our Patreon, we will love you even more. Every dollar counts. ♥

~ Fowchan ♥

P.S - Did I mention the WIP stuff is all amazing??? If not, I did. Again. Yep. It’s that good. <3

If this keeps happening to NSFW creators on Patreon people are going to have to find another alternative for this problem, which is easier said than done. Patreon is already so popular and the consumers trust it. With a new site coming out of the blue with no track record, it’s going to scare new people away until a lot of popular NSFW creators move over to the new spot. But all we can do is view from a distance and see what happens.

But hey if you want to support Studio FOW you can go check out their...oh…

Do you think Patreon rules are too strict? Is this the end of Studio FOW? WIll Kunoichi 3 ever come out? Tell us in the comments below.

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