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Top 5 Anime of Fall Season 2017 That Deserves
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 years ago

The Fall Season of Anime 2017 has just ended and what a great season to end off the year. We got some trash shows like The Kings Game and ClassicaLoid 2. (I don’t know how it got a season 2 to be honest with you) We also got some great shows like Mahoutsukai no Yome, Juunei Taisen and Inuyashiki. (I actually wrote a review on it on this site. But, we don’t talk about that) But, we’re a sexy doujin site, not a anime review site so I’m here to talk about what’s important, and that’s SEX! With each anime season we get a new group of sexy girls and boys for both gender to get off to. So we'll be looking at the Top 5 Fall Season of Anime 2017 That Deserves So sit back, relax, and read this article you lazy bum, then afterwards you can go and cum. (Damn while proofreading this I notice that the sentence rhythm. Sneak bars.)


I would like to preface this by saying that this is completely legitimate and I gave every show a fair judgment…>.>

5. My Girlfriend is Shobitch

Well I don’t have much to say about this show since I didn’t watch it but I have to admit that it does have a selection of different girls...that’s all I can say really. That’s the only reason it made at number 5. It’s also already an ecchi show so yeah. It even have “Bitch” in the title, so you have Bitch1, Bitch2, Bitch3, Bitch4, Bitch5, Bitch6, and BasicBitch. Man that’s alot of bitches you can fuck!

4. UQ Holder!

Now we do have plenty of Negima already, but with the new HQ Holder! (the sequel to Negima) they introduce more girls and possibly a trap? (I say possibly because the guy is like genderless are something, but he wantnabe a trap I think?. On his 16th birthday he decides what gender he wants to be or she wants to be I don’t know it’s confusing...I’ll fuck it though.) And with all these new girl, one outshines them all and it’s mature, Evangeline A.K. McDowell. Those new mature vampire hips of hers don’t lie.

3. Blend S

SMILE, SWEET, SISTER, SADISTIC, SURPRISE, SERVICE, SEX, we are STELLA!!! Yes, I had to put the great meme generator Blend S on this list. A truly funny anime, with some truly cute girls and guys. (I'm mainly talking about the trap) Blend S have many archetype that can make for some great, and many of the characters can switch back a forth. You have the sadistic who can become cute in the flip of the hat. You have tsuntsun who is actually super weeb trash (like us) and cute little sister with a bitter mouth, yummy! Oh, did I mention TRAP! We also have two great guys for the ladies, the one eyed cool guy who has a hard on for yuri and your american charming playboy, who is actually a goofball. A group of odd ball for the Oddest Ball.

2. Juuni Tensei

Now, Juunei Taisen was one of those shows that people loved in the beginning but started to hate it the closer it got towards the end. I enjoyed the show but I’ll even admit that the middle half mainly Snake and Dragon, were kinda meh. (But that episode 11 THO!) The biggest complaint seemed to be base on the fact that the titles of the episode spoiled who was going to die and made it to predictable, which I’m pretty sure was the point. But you know what wasn’t predictable, how many hot waifu’s and husbando’s this series had. (I know you girl watching the show got wet for Rabbit. Girls like those psycho boys) With Monkey and Chicken being on the okay side for me. But, then you got Tiger being the GOAT (not litalty) of the cast of girl for me. And I can’t forget about Boar, who, if you watched the last episode, wished for a HAREM, HAREM, HAREM! So, if any did come out of her you can expect some good old fashion gangbang. I would be so down for that.

1. Kekkai Sensen and Beyond

I kinda spoiled this with the cover picture. Now with my number one pick, there are plenty of yaoi out there for the ladies. Which is understandable, it has a large cast of varied boys for the girls to pick a choose from. But doujin artist out there, you just can’t ignore the spanking hot girls that show up from time to time. With this new season of Kekkai Sensen you learn more about the female cast, which made them even hotter. You have the lady working in the diner who is always sneak looking sexy, KK is shown to be a mom so MILF ALERT! Leo’s sister, Michella, was finally introduced which was a treat to see, and with her being blind, you can do some pretty interesting things with that...cough..rape...And who can forget my main bai Chain, with her sassy attitude, that can change to feisty and cute in a heartbeat. And let’s be honest, a girl in a suit is super hot.




"I had sex with JustThatKinky to put me in the number one spot."

Aw stop Chain your embarressing me. Don't make up lies like that you jokester you... <.<


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So do you agree with my list? What was your favorite anime of this season? Do you think chain would actually have sex with a loser like me O.O? Tell us in the comment section below.