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Venture Seas Set Sail With Public Demo Interview w/ Switch
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 years ago • 4 comments

Here is a quick trailer of what Venture Seas is all about before the interview.


Kinky: I am truly happy to announce that our very first interview on this site, we’ll get to speak to the wonderfully talented game developer, Switch. Hello there Switch, how are you doing?


Switch: I'm on my second cup of coffee and ready to go!


Kinky: Energetic I see, I like that! So, the big project you are working on now is Venture Seas. But were you doing anything before working on Venture Seas?


Switch: I’ve created a few games in Flash, but my first erotic game was Euphorian Tide. It’s a text adventure with some visual elements, a character viewer and lots of transformation kinks!


This was the project which preceded Venture Seas, and exists in the same story universe (albeit during a different time period).


Euphorian Tide unfortunately didn’t gather much of community interest, but motivated me to produce a new and improved game concept: Venture Seas!

It got an overwhelming response and a lot of support from players! Allowing me to work full-time on the project with the financial support.

The unfinished game (Euphorian Tide) is still available for download from my blog, for those who would like to see more from the same story universe.


Kinky: What made you get into working on video games?


Switch: I play lots of video games, which fueled my interest to create my own. What started out as a hobby has blossomed into a full time job! (Although I consider it my passion rather than a job)


Kinky: Were there any games that inspired you?


Switch: Corruption of Champions by Fenoxo was my first real adult game experience. It inspired me to create my own erotic text adventure, of which Fenoxo himself supported via blogging.

To this day, Fenoxo still blogs about my work and I am very appreciative of it!

As you might expect, Venture Seas takes influence from Corruption of Champions, Dark Cloud, Recettear, a bit of Fire Emblem… And a lot of other games I’ve played over the years.


Kinky: How long have you’ve been working on Venture Seas?


Switch: I’ve been working on this project as a solo endeavour for a long time (I created and posted my first blog post in July 2015!)


It started as a part-time effort alongside other work before progressing to full-time.


I wanted to release a demo last year, but I kept adding new systems, reworking the UI and improving the artwork. I wanted my initial demo to more fully represent the vision I had for the project. Over time, my skills have improved and I’ve also been able to commission many great artists and writers. I've only recently managed to reach a stage where I felt comfortable releasing a demo.


Kinky: Jeez, doing all that by yourself. No wonder you need two coffee O.O. While playing and just looking at Venture Seas, you can tell that it seems like a very large project. Was there any fear in you when coming up with this project and working on it?


Switch: I was terrified, and still am quite often!


I initially put a lot of time and effort into pitching an idea that I hoped people would like, and I have been lucky that many players supported me :)

I was also afraid when releasing the public game demo, but so far I’ve had a great response and a growing community to which I couldn’t be happier about!

Kinky: That's good to hear that all your efforts are being rewarded. What made you go the adult game route?


Switch: I’m a huge pervert and adult game development was a great outlet for my creativity and deviancy.


Kinky:  I guess you're just that kinky! (sorry for the bad pun) As a person that works for an anime porn site, I can say that I’ve told my friends about my work with no problem, but my parents only know that I work for a blog but not the specifics. Do you have any problem with this or do you keep things under wraps?


Switch: I don’t get into specifics about my work with family, but I’m fully honest with friends :)


Kinky: So, your game features many different genders, archetypes, monsters, and races (human and non) that you can romance. It’s a game for both male and female, with featuring straight, lesbian (yuri), and gay (yaoi) sex. What made you make this choice?


Switch: I consider myself bisexual and very open minded, so I enjoy a large variation of sexual themes and types of romances.


However, I wanted to create a foundation of vanilla content to appeal to a broad audience.


Although the game features all these sexual orientations, I try to make obvious ‘hints’ to allow players who don't enjoy certain content (yaoi for example) to avoid it entirely in-game.


Kinky: Is there any personal fetishes that you want to incorporate into the game that you enjoy?


Switch: I’ve actually developed various kinks over my years developing for the adult community, and try to keep an open mind about anything new or unusual that I come across.


I enjoy being in the male submissive role for the most part, and have a lot of experience with the whole ‘femboy/trap’ kind of lifestyle, so I’d like to write/draw some convincing content related to that.


I struggle to write from the perspective of a dominative character, but I certainly want to learn how to do so competently. I’d like to make those players feel a believable ‘power’ in those situations.


Kinky: You had me at the word trap! Many other games I have played that are Patreon supported uses Ren’py or RPGMaker, but you use Java. Why is that?


Switch: During the planning of the project, I was working a full-time software design contract job.


I got to talking with my boss about mobile app development, and he suggested that Java is native to Android, and a great tool for creating apps or games.


Previously, I had only developed games in Flash with ActionScript, but I wanted to learn a more powerful OOP based coding language.


Venture Seas is created using Java LibGDX framework, which has it’s annoyances at times, but it gets more comfortable to use as I learn more about it.


I’ve also dabbled in Unity and GameMaker, both of which might be appealing for future projects. (but hopefully I don’t have to think about that for a long time to come!).


Kinky: Does working on Venture Seas affect your personal life or have you been able to manage both?


Switch: Luckily the good friends I keep are nearly as perverted as I, so I haven’t had issue there!


I don’t get much direct sunlight as part of my work (although I manage to keep fit and get fresh air with regular late night jogs).


And I also have developed a dependency on morning coffee.


But most importantly, I’m happy :) I’m very lucky to have so many players who support the project and enjoy what I produce!


Kinky: How far do you plan to take Venture Seas?


Switch: After my personal implementation of the main storyline (and some side quest content), I hope to commission a lot of side quest content from writers and artists. This would lead to the official game release.


I also want to highly encourage and provide resources to modders to create and share their own content for the game engine.


This could be new dungeons, quests, character parts or sexy visuals of their own creation!


Kinky: Do you think after finishing Venture Seas, you’ll be done with make games, or do you plan to do more?


Switch: I’ll never stop developing for erotic media, it’s too deeply ingrained in my soul at this point!


I’m always challenging myself to learn new mediums in my spare time (recently I’ve been practicing with 3D models from and animation in blender).

Venture Seas will be an ongoing project for a long time however, and I’ll likely reuse the engine for another game afterwards (but likely a smaller project with a different gameplay focus).


Kinky: And this site is about anime so I have to ask, have you've watched any anime and if you have what is your favorite? Answer this carefully…


Switch: I’m quite a casual fan when it comes to anime, but I really liked the original Berserk and the dark universe the story takes place in (didn’t appreciate the censorship in the latest series however).


For funny stuff, I enjoyed the humor of Mob Psycho and One Punch Man (Speed-o'-Sound Sonic is such a cutie).


Kinky:  You didn't disappoint with your answer, very good, you pass. I'm also a big fan of Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, he is a real cutie. Which is actually a good segway to my last question. Many people on this site knows that I am a trap lover and when seeing Gull, I fell instantly in love. Can I expect some scenes with him?!


Switch: There is already some existing Male-on-Male artwork with Vinthal (handsome rogue) and Gull which will be added to the game during chapter 2.


There will also be a full romance path for the player to date Gull, and likely a lot more trap and feminine male content (as I personally relate to girly males).


Kinky:  That really gets me excited for Chapter 2! Well, thank you so much for being my first ever interviewee, I’ve truly enjoyed this experience.


Switch: I thank you also! This was my first interview and I’m glad you chose to lose your interview virginity with me ;)

Kinky: So we both lose our virginity together with each other, how cute. So, where can I contact you...I mean, where can people find you?


Switch: I am most active on the official Venture Seas community discord:


 But also I blog about Venture Seas on my company website, linked below:


 Finally, there’s the Patreon page where anyone interested can support the future of the project:


Kinky: And if you want to download the public demo a Venture Seas just click


So what did you think of the interview. Should I do more? Will you be checking out Venture Seas? Do you think I have a chance with Switch O.O? Tell us in the comments below?

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