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Virgin Age Admission Onahole Review
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago

Hey guys, Imaginary stepping in to keep this week under control. Don't mind me.

I get it, okay? I know what this looks like. It had nothing to do with the art. It had nothing to do with the name. You gotta understand that this was the highest rated onahole across fifty reviews (a high number for an outlandish product like this) on Amazon that I could find. People were talking about this shit like it was the best thing since sliced bread. Naturally, as an unofficial onahole reviewer, I had to see what the hype was about.

Virgin Age is a lower-priced onahole manufactured by ToysHeart in Japan. You can find it on for around $25.00 depending on the seller. Never thought I’d be saying that.


This is it, ladies and gentlemen. This is where I finally understand why people give a fuck about the packaging for these products. I kid you not, that box was mighty nice in every way I could think of. The art on the front is clean, “virgin age” was printed with a reflective material to make it shine, the box was sturdy and has held up fine over time, lube is included on the inside, and lastly, there’s a piece of plastic on the inside that houses your onahole  and the lube. What the fuck else could you want? Maybe great art on all sides or something, but for the price, this is a quality box.


ToysHeart is really going for the whole “virgin” theme here and it shows.  First off, this thing is pretty freaking tight. The first few uses are obviously going to claim the best performance, but even after several times with it I haven’t noticed a huge difference. You’ll definitely need the lube they pack with it. The actual interior design doesn’t contain anything too crazy, mostly curves and bumps at the beginning and a final tight section with ridges at the end. I’ll give them credit that they look a lot more natural than some other features meant to simulate the same thing. The material holds up its end up the bargain by providing a sturdy frame yet remaining soft…ish. Like I said, you’ll need that lube.  However, for the sacrifice of burning up your lube supply fast, you can rest easy knowing I think you have a monster cock if you manage to tear through this product. Due to its form and strength you’ll be flushing it with hot water (without flipping it inside out) to clean it. It may be possible to flip it but it’s so set-in-stone I don’t want to risk tearing that bitch.

Why does this look like a sponge?


Objectivity will need to take precedence for this section, because subjectively, I was in the middle. The onahole feels fine and is built to last, but man that shit ain’t playing with your boy. My dick felt like it was getting beat up at times even after utilizing the lube. However, after being on this journey and hearing what others had to say, I’m starting to think damn maybe I’m just a little bitch because nobody else appears to have this issue. I think for the average male this toy completely stays true to the theme it’s attempting to establish while still creating something that is robust and pretty to look at… the box, I mean. From that point of view I can’t really say much negative about it. If you have a sensitive dick: beware.

That thing is staring into my soul right now. I'm uncomfortable.

TL;DR Virgin Age delivers a solid experience that justifies the higher price tag, 4/5

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P.S. I saw some of you saying you’re considering trying one out due to these reviews. I definitely recommend any of the Erotic Number! toys first over this to test if you even like onaholes thanks to their lower price point. Whatever you do just don’t buy that god-forsaken Crimson Knight cup. I mean it. I’ll find you.