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Waifu Wars: My Hero Academia
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 13 comments


Kinky: Let me start this by saying that Imaginary didn’t even like My Hero Academia at first, talking about how the powers were lame and that the concept of super heroes never interested him. I had to convince him to watch the tournament arc with me and he said he’ll only watch the tournament arc and that was it, but when Stain came, he was hooked and now we’re watching it together. I said that all to say that he is not a true fan of My Hero Academia, he’s one of those people who judged it without giving it a try, so fuck him. Hopefully, that gave me some bonus points with you guys. Oh also, the fucker never watched the first season so fuck him. Also, his first pick was Momo and not Toga, you can’t trust a flip-flopper like that. He also did that with Persona 5, first his waifu was Haru and then it turned into Makoto. I’m always loyal to my waifus, never cheat.


Okay now let's get to some girls, cause it's Waifu Wars!








Tsuyu Asui

Momo Yaoyorozu


Why Tsuyu is Waifu

Kinky: Tsuyu was made with best girl in mind. Manga artist Kohei Horikoshi knew what he was doing when creating her. She has that strong personality and that uplifting spirit for when you’re feeling down. She does all this while having the most weirdest face of the girls, with having big oval shape eyes, a long tongue, and a large upside down triangle mouth. I feel like that’s what makes her so great, she looks the weirdest but she expresses so much confidence despite that. I’m also pretty sure she’s the only girl character who gets a nickname, Tsu. Only cute girls get nicknames. And this is, so don’t get me started on how amazing her frog blowjobs would be, with that maximum tongue action. She also got an anime original episode made of her. Why? Because even Studio Bones knows she’s best girl!


Oh man, I was gushing over Tsu so much that I forgot to mention how big her boobs are. Thanks anime!


Imaginary: Let me start this by saying Kinky has a way with words. That’s why he’s a blogger! He also has a way of taking other people’s words, twisting them to favor his viewpoint, and using them against them. It’s true that I wasn’t into My Hero Academia at first, but that’s because I’m a busy boy and didn’t want to catch up by watching season one, and the art style and premise didn’t initially interest me. Ya gotta admit, “boy tries real hard at school to become a hero” sounds like the most generic anime of all time. However, once my expectations were shattered I was in for the ride. Second, I never switch-up on a waifu. I never said Haru was my waifu, I said I wanted to give her a chance before hopping on the Makoto bandwagon. After determining that Makoto’s just simply godlike, I had no choice but to marry that bitch. Man, and this is coming from the guy that would probably rather fuck Midnight about loyalty issues. You know, in fact I’m so committed to my waifus, I ain’t even gonna pick a waifu for this young anime yet. I’m going to wait until everybody gets some more development in the show before wasting my pick on some frog bitch that could die at any moment. Hopefully, Kinky’s petty attempt at defaming my character by changing up my statements gave me some bonus points with you guys.

Why Momo is Girlfriend Material

Imaginary: Momo’s the hottest student in the fucking show right now, let’s just get that out of the way. It’s apparent in shots when all the girls are standing next to each other. You can clearly see this bitch has got fanservice written across her big and openly revealed boobs. Normally, this would make me think she’s gonna be too basic and boring to fawn over. However, that’s when I realized that most of the girls in My Hero Academia are still basic at this point. Apart from the tournament arc, we haven’t really seen them face big challenges or grow that much. Then I remembered, holy fuck she has one of the best quirks in the show! Somebody’s trying to rob us? Momo creates an AK. I can’t find the house keys? Momo creates a spare. She’s not in the mood tonight? Momo creates a pocket pussy for your boi! The possibilities are endless. She may not be the most interesting in her personality, but with some creativity you’re in for a wild ride!

Damn, nothing like the figure of a real woman to put things into perspective.

Why Tsuyu is Shit

Imaginary: This Kermit the Frog lookin’ ass girl could of got disintegrated by Shigaraki and I wouldn’t have batted an eye. Her face is unique I guess, but by no means is it fuckable. Her two large ponds for eyes make sure of that. And don’t get me started on her personality, which is just typical observation or statement + “Ribbit.” Let’s test the formula:“Todoroki sure is strong, ribbit.” Damn, works every time. Oh boy, here it comes. Of course you can’t have a Tsuyu apologist without “Aww but the blow jobs are gonna be sick with that frog tongue!” Bitch Momo’s quirk is creation, she could materialize something close to a frog tongue in seconds if she wanted. Maybe give her fingers some tongue-like qualities for a bit…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) now that’s a thought to get excited about. I just don’t get it, even if you thought Momo was ugly, she could simply create a new outer layer of fake skin and hair to look like a different girl. Therefore logically she’s always gonna be cuter, more interesting, and more fun to fuck. Somebody put this Tsuyu bitch back in the aquarium so families can pay $20 to forget about her in a few days.

Ah, the true face of Tsuyu. Good for memes and nothing else. 

Why Momo Is Trash

Kinky: I honestly don’t get why Imagenary is so salty, I only stated facts but whatever. Now, let me get at Momo’s ass (not literally since she don’t have an ass.) Yeah Momo’s outfit is the most revealing, that’s not a good thing dude. That just mean she’s a slut that likes to show off for all the dudes and not just you. When someone dresses sluttier than Midnight, you know there’s a problem. The definition of a thot. And yeah she can make you a pocket pussy but when she gets tired of your small dick (Just to clarify, I’ve never seen Imaginary’s dick. Only speculating) she could easily make herself a dildo, that feels way better than you. Hope you enjoy jerking off again loser. Also, that whole if you think she’s ugly she can make a new outer layer, that’s already shows how fake you and she are. I love my weird Tsuyu for who she is, she don’t have to change for me, unlike you and your fake bitch Momo.

"Oh, you only had sex with Deku. Ha, I've fucked most of our classmates and teachers. Try again, bitch." Proof  that Momo is a thot.


Well, that’s the end of this shitty debate. I’m thinking about never doing this again, Imaginary made me do extra work since he made me redo some of the Toga shit I got. He thought he was getting half on this, maybe a good 10% payback. I also learned that I hate his opinions so that’s another thing. So guys, if I ever do this again it might be with someone else and not Imaginary, just saying. :/


Who do you think won? Who is your waifu? Are both of our choices trash? Tell us in the comments below.

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